“Because you miscalculated the next to the last pump” (at Burgerij Eilandje)


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i know Kim misses this face

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what happens when a prep schools Black student president mocks white classmates?

Dear White People:

People of color cannot be racist. Insensitive and inconsiderate of your feelings and your privilege? Sure. But racist? Not at all. Racism is not about hurt feelings or a bruised ego. Racism is about the system that allows for the privilege of a certain group to maintain power at the expense of all others. In the case of the planet Earth, that would be white vs. POCs. The fact that I have to use the term “POC” in itself should illuminate my point even further. So if a Black person says you’re a culture vulture because he’s tired of you talking about and appropriating their culture, if an Indigenous American tells you to stop dehumanizing their ancestors as mascots, if anyone calls you cracker honky Mr Charlie white devil, etc etc, it’s not racist because your hurt feelings will heel. You still haven’t heeled the world from all the atrocities that you all have committed for the past 2000 years. Remember this: Chinese people invented gunpowder. White people used this invention for weapons. Then proceeded to rank sack the rest of the world for it’s resources and continue to keep conflicts going for whatever the resource of the moment is. Again white people: Europe is attached to Asia, continents start with the letter A, and POCs cannot be racist.


POCs everywhere